Perfect Timing

As I chase the perfect timing.
Timing runs from me.

As I seek the perfect timing.
Timing hides from me.

As I trust the perfect timing.
Timing lies to me.

As I lose hope in perfect timing.
Timing laughs at me.

As I walk away from perfect timing.
I see the real time,
and reality embraces me,
at just that perfect time.

Thoughts of Lemons

I can write the most
Beautiful abstraction
Of a perceived place in
A created time and yet
It does not even suffice
For me, I want more, but
I am trapped in this cerebral
Tower of ivory. Trapped
With all the right answers
and yet having not lived,
I find I was wrong
To think that contemplation
Is life and simply sit.

Instead I wish to grasp by
The hand the life the love
That has been around me
Perceived yet not believed
Unlived but alive. The simple
Fresh smell of a lemon
Freshly pressed to create the
Alluring nectar upon my tongue
As I swallow in the life that
I have awaited as a ponderer.
Today my mind I left behind
I step out as a wanderer.