One and done #1

It has been far to long since I last posted anything. I apologize to my vast readership for this lapse. If this post shows up in your mailbox because you did foolishly quickly subscribe to me and then just as rapidly forgot about me; thank you for reading this post again.

In an attempt to re-kick-start my writing (I say re-kick-start because I have already tried to kick-start and I foresee many re-‘s added to that chain in the future) I decided I would start a poetry practice I am calling one and done. I will, when I have a moment of time, write a poem in one take and post it here. No revisions, no major forethought or conception, I will write what is in my mind in the moment and post. I hope that through the midst of the dung pile that will ensue we may find some diamond encrusted pearls.

So please buckle up, keep hands and feet inside the blogosphere, and hold on, pictures will be taken of your face throughout the ride and will be over-pricedley on sale at the conclusion of your ride.

One and done #1

Philosophy, the dreary mucking of bloated thought,
So important it shall always exist though often forgot.
Justification for many sinful pleasures.
Sometimes however holding fast to truly glistening treasures.
Treasures if truth, truly beheld, a majestic upbuilding,
But to often the lies fill our eyes, and heart, and our spirit these lies are killing.