One and done #4

Daggered Surgeon
Dagger to the misplaced heart,
Deep and deadly wound is felt,
But from the surgeons hand,
Who holds the bladed tool,
The dagger is a scalpel,
The wound a small discomfort,
In the healing of the heart,
Restrengthened to beat fervently,
Carved for some greater purpose.

I was sitting in a bus station waiting for my bus to arrive and my mind went into poetry mode. I was thinking about passed girls that I had really liked, but for one reason or another and in one way or another had parted from me. I know none of these girls was the girl for me, and I don’t lament their leaving now. The fact is however true that when they did depart my life I was left with a deeply felt loss. Sometimes for a few days, others weeks, a select few months. The first two lines of the poem popped into mind and the rest followed in less then 10 minutes. It is short and fairly simple, but I believe it to be very poignant.