So you don’t like your breakfast?

Son, you don’t want to eat your cereal?

Ok. Close your eyes and think,
Of the most splendid castle in all the lands.
Now hold out your hands,
And discover it’s made of candy,
The moat is chocolate milk,
The surrounding hills are cinnamon rolls.
Taste the forest of lollipops,
Run through the field of cotton candy,
Swing off the vines of licorice
Into the pudding pond.
Climb the ice cream mountain,
And look out over your candy kingdom.

Now open your eyes and eat your Wheaties,
Be glad you don’t live there cause you’d probably have diabetes.


One and done #2

I don’t like this one as much as my previous one and done, but that is what this exercise is for; to write and play with new ideas. If you’ve ever driven through Kansas you’ll understand how I’m feeling now. Enjoy.

One and done #2

It kind of sucks driving through Kansas.
Big sky country is stretching wide open air.
Yawning I gently close my eyes,
To dream of more exciting places.

I open my eyes and I’m still in Kansas?
I slept six hours, this really isn’t fair.
I just want to be out of here without saying goodbyes.
So I drive faster not to leave any traces.

But really Kansas you KAN kisS my ASs