Nostalgic Amber Air

When, under the noonday sun

The bristle of late autumn’s breeze blows.

Winter is nigh and the chill is alive

but today the children still play

under the noonday sun.

One shouts delighted

with the first and last crackle

of the fallen Fall leaf under toe.


Parent’s watch awaiting

another season to pass.

Autumn had kissed the earth

with her amber lips,

but left Just as quickly.

Taking her cheerful color

and leaving her icy heart.


The children are content with

even the greatest of change.

For them each day changes

in many a way. But for those

older folks, who have seen

days change to years. The coming

of winter brings with her fears.


When life is not new and

is in it’s waning hours,

when the bride and the groom

have danced, experienced first embrace

and walked hand in hand till death

did they part.


Will you sit with me and observe

the lively little children

who dance among falling leaves

as the gentle breeze, sways the foliage?

Full of hope and wonder

as we were when younger.

We watch the amber air

and breath nostalgic hopeful thoughts.